Here we are!

Fresh tasty Dutch is made by us, Simone and Romilda, two friends from Holland, but now living in different countries.  We met about twelve years ago during a workshop for animated movies where we made a crazy clip.  We became instant friends and have been ever since.

Simone and her hubby Hans went on a great adventure and now live and work as artists and designers in Norway in a permanent artist residency, while raising their two burly boys Merlijn and Elliot.
Romilda found adventure in cooking up storms and fresh veggie stews with her organic and plantbased catering company. She lives in Nijmegen,  a dutch university town, in an alternative living community, surrounded by a eclectic bunch of homemates, mad dog Rufert and three ninja-chickens.

We both love food, health, sports, art and getting inspired. And we wanted to share this, with eachother, but also with you. Hope you enjoy!

romilda en simone

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  • Rona

    28 juni 2015 at 09:08

    Hi Simone and Romilda. Very nice site. On a technical question, how do I get your latest blogs sent to my email?

    • Simone

      2 augustus 2015 at 09:26

      Hi Rona! Thanks a lot! For following our site try the tumbnail on the left, next to facebook. There you can subscribe to our blogg.

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