Chocolate Cocosa boller


OMG! what a party it was for my spiderboy! He really enjoyed every part of it! Well he should, because our preparation took about two day....  :-)

I remember from my childhood that my mother used to organise all kinds of children games. Like koekhappen (a special kind of dutch gingerbread was hanging on a line and you head to try to eat it off this line without using your hands....something really dutch I guess...). And games like, holding a balloon in the air together with a friend, without using your hands. And the one who holds the longest is the winner. Now, I was not so good at loosing, so I wasn´t always so happy with these games. But still, I have a good memory of them.

We wanted the party for Merlijn also to be memorable (without winning or loosing), so we thought of all kinds of games. One of them was scooter racing, and we had a flying box too. This was a wooden box with two handles on each side for the carriers. One child at the time, could sit in the box, blindfolded, while two persons were helding the box up in the air, moving it around like it was flying. They LOVED IT ! My favorite of the day was the treasure hunt! We had some chocolate eggs left over from eastern. So we figgered out a story of this big colored bird, who visited Messen one day, and made a nest somewhere in the cellar of the building. We could not find it so far, so the children had to help to find it. You have to know, that the cellars of Messen, are really exciting, large and dark, with several spaces. These spaces were used in the old days for the archive of the factory.

I cut out some feathers out of colored paper to make a track to the cellars. And in the cellar we made a wrong track and a right one. The wrong one, went to a space, where there was a big projection and the sound of parakeets...but no nest... The other track was for the bravest among them (and believe me, they almost all were), because they had to pass a dark space, to go to the little spot in the corner where a big colored nest was with all the chocolate eggs! I heared them yelling when they found it. Oh my, that was fun! Crazy too, ofcourse to spent so much time preparing a birthday party. But we had so much fun already before the actual happening.


The other day was baking day....

When I shopped to buy the ingredients for the birthday cake, I got a very good and delicious tip from the healthfood store in Norheimsund.
These Cocosa boller were very easy to make and were very populair. I remember them from my childhood also. And I was very happy to get the healthy version of this recipe!

Chocolate Cocosa boller

250 g Cocosa extra vergin (cocos oil)
200 g 70 procent chocolate
2 eggs
2 dl Cocosa sugar
100 gr. Puffed rice

Melt Cocosa and chocolate together on low heat. Let it cool down. Mix together the eggs and the sugar, stir in the chocolate mix. Then blend in, carefully, the puffed rice. Scoop with a tablespoon, and make small balls. Let them cool on baking paper. Save them in the fridge.
Let's party!



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