ik met kipHello dear!

I never thought I’d find having chicken would be such a nice thing! Does it sounds strange when I say they make me get out of bed a lot faster in the morning? After all, I can’t keep the ladies waiting too long. Like in the Louis Jordan song they’re looking at a pretty bizzy day; they have worms to catch, and eggs to lay... And indeed, judging from the way they march out of the henhouse every morning they feel plenty important.

I got them about three weeks ago, my friend works at the foodmarket at the stand of an organic farmer. He was gonna, well, turn his chicken into soup, basicly. So we managed to rescue 20 chicken and found different homes for them. Me and the homies decided to keep four at our house. But one of our ‘fab four’ proved to be a real escape artist the first days and had me meeting a lot of my unknown neighbours, ringing their doorbells and chasing after her into their gardens. She looked right smug every time I caught her and just found another hole in our temporary housing to wiggle herself through and escape again.

But three weeks later all is well. Houdini and the three Sweet Pea’s (as we named them) seem happy and content where they are. They come running to me whenever I come into the garden and have lot’s of important stories to tell me in their funny chicken-language. I like to think that our innercity henhouse is quite a luxurious hotel for our ladies.  By day they roam free on the  unused plot of land behind our house, a funny bit of land where nothing seemes to grow but jerusalem artichokes and ground elder (zevenblad). But the chickens seem to love it there. They climb the trees, eat the weeds, have a feast on our leftovers food and, when bored, perform ninja attacks on dog Rufert. At night we keep them safe from the preditors that hunt within our city limits, by locking the door behind their furry bums when they have cuddled up for a snooze on their sticks. I never realised that there is quite a bit of ‘wildlife’ going on at night in the city. I was pretty shocked to find a drowned stone-marten in the garden the day we got the chicken!

Our rescued chickenladies do make me feel a lot more farm-esk in the middle of the city. I get out of bed, get dressed, put my rubber boots on and go feed the chicken. The whole thing is so much fun I’d almost forget why people keep chicken in the first place: They lay eggs! Big creamy non-industrial fresh eggs that taste delicious in my favourite brownie. Thanks chickies!


Glutenfree Sticky Brownie

6 eggs, seperated in whites and yolks

150 grams of butter

200 grams of palm,- or coconutflowersugar

200 grams of really dark chocolate

teaspoon of cinnamon, teaspoon of ground ginger


Beat the eggwhites untill they are nicely thick and creamy. Melt the chocolate and the butter in a bowl over some simmering water. Mix well the egg-yolks with the coconutsugar and add the cinnamon and the ginger. Put everything together in one big bowl and 'fold' with a spatula of big spoon until it is an even mixture. Put the brownies in the oven on 175 degrees for about 30 to 40 minutes. The top of the cake should feel pretty solid, but you should be able to feel the middel of the cake is still nicely soft and a bit sticky.

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