Home Sweet Home


Strange how it goes.... Whenever I am going to visit the Netherlands, when it becomes to food, I am longing strongly for the rich choice of green veggies and all the food I that is not within my reach in Norway. So, I buy as much green leaves as I can. But the more years I live in Norway the more I see that there isn't so much difference. Of course there is less choice of veggies in Norway, but I learned to cook my meal with the veggies I can buy, mostly of the season.

Besides I get always a bit confused in someone else her kitchen with different herbs, minerals and spices. And not my favorite pan, stove or blender. It feels like I never cooked a meal before. After a week I know again how to cook :-)

But, coming home after a few weeks, in my own kitchen, creativity explodes again. I take my finest plates and bowls and cook exactly what I want, with all my spices that were waiting for me on the shelves.

Yesterday I made a cherry tomato-paprika-beet stove with halloumi cheese.


Cherry tomatoes (0ne box)
1 red paprika
1 beet
1 pack of Halloumi cheese
walnut oil to sprinkle
chilli flakes for a spicy thouch

Take a medium size baking dish. Put the grill on in the oven on 180 C
Spread the sliced tomatoes in the dish. Cut the paprika in small bits of 1 cm and do the same with the beetroot. Slice the Halloumi cheese and spread over the veggies. Sprinkle the oil on top and on top of that the chilli flakes.

Grill in the oven at 180 C, approximately 20 min., but check after 10 min. The last 5 min. I put some rosemarin on top. (looks nice)

Serve with a butter beans-hampseed mix and cumcumber strings with spicy paprika flakes (or powder).


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