Well yes, let’s talk about coffee!

This week I actually heard a priest on the radio say; “The holy spirit comes to us through cafeine”. Well I say amen and halleluja to that. He said it sort of jokingly but I think he meant it.

Well I mean it
I do!

As you know, I only recently started to drink coffee. This has been somewhat of an adventure. All my life drinking a typical large gulp of dutch filtercoffee turned me into something of a trembling mess; all wound up, almost in a state of hyperventilation, completely ineffective and then booom...crashed and burned. So I was not a believer, I put my faith in ginger-tea.
Then last year I went traveling through scotland with some friends in their campervan. They had one of those lovely italian espressomakers you put on the gas untill they start gourgling like an old man. The not-alway-so-comfortable sleeping arangements in combination with elaborate beer and whiskey-tastings made me crave some kind of energyboost. So I started joining their coffee rituals. And I loved it!

Turns out the dutch way of making coffee through a paper filter is the best way to collect as much caffeine and as little flavour as you would possibly can in a cuppa. Making an espresso however, the water rushes through the coffee very fast, taking a lot of wonderfull dark taste, but caffeine, not so much. Just a little to make you go ‘gzingg’, and wake you up in a nice way.

So now I’ve joined the ranks of coffeelovers worldwide. I drink two espresso’s a day, one in the morning and around three one in the afternoon. No more, no less. And now I finally understand what they already knew for decades and centuries; it gears you into action!  I can be a bit of a contemplater, hesitater, procrastinater, but coffee kicks my butt and I like it. But it’s more, I like the energy, the clarity and that joyfull little buzz of extra aliveness. So yes, to me, sometimes it does feel like the holy spirit comes to us through cafeine!

So, but, off course as a certified health-devotee I worry a little. Am I screwing up my delicate adrenals with this happy addiction? After all, it is a drug, a drug that is strangely enough more socially accepted then say, shots of wheatgrass, but still... Luckily health-crazy people worldwide are on the case and yes, there is a new and improved coffee-kid on the block:

Bulletproof coffee....
Made with butter and coconutoil

Say what?!?!
that's right, with butter and coconut oil.

Welllllll, oowkay then...doesn’t that sound interesting?

So I’ve known about this thing for two weeks now, but I’ve been reluctant to try it, delighted as I am with my black espresso as it is. And then again; butter...in my coffee? It doesnt appeal. But there is one promise that really made me want to try this: They say it gives you ‘laserlike’ focus for hours, without spiking your bloodsugar and wearing you out.

Laserlike focus?
for hours?

I haven’t had that since the early fall of 1993 😉  **

So this morning, in between writing shopping lists and checking emails, I finally did it, I whizzed a cup of coffee in a blender with a small spoon of coconut oil and a small spoon of grass-fed butter. The result did look promising, creamy and foamy like a cappucino (see picture). So here we went:

First sip: Mmm, it’s not even that bad
Second and third sip: Delicious!
Fourth sip: (getting colder) Mwah... a bit greasy...

It felt a bit like a drug-experiment waiting what would happen after. Laserlike focus? Maybe... I wouldn’t say. But I had a good working day and I got a lot done. I’ll definatly experiment a bit more to find out what the benefit of this coffee is. I always thought fiber was the only thing to slow down sugarspikes, so I’m curious to know what would make this work. I know the coconut oil is good for you, it gives you more energy, it’s a natural antibiotic and it tends to speed up you metabolism. But butter? Here’s a link to what I found. Anyhow, try it sometimes! I dare you 😉 I’m curious to know what you think!

** In case you do wonder, this was a little joke. Come to think of it, laserlike focus is what I always feel when I’m on a juicefast. I makes me feel like superwoman for days, not hours. Hah, there! Dig that, bulletproof coffee! It's true though, I love my experience with coffee, but in terms of energy, nothing beats my daily shots of delicious green smoothie and lot's of fresh colourfull veggies. I think you can say it like this: A healthy diet makes the funky music, but drinking coffee does pump up the base!

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