Sometimes there are days that you think, this was just perfect.....!
A birthday party at Messen, (our artist residency) on a sunny day, with live music, good food and lovely people, made it all perfect !

I love these sunny-outside-picknick-chill-with-international friends-and-music days, and sometimes, when it doesn´t happen spontanious, you just have to organize one. A upcoming birthday party is a very good reason to do that. Now am I in a fortunate situation that I happen to have a irish artist/musician staying in the house, playing fiddle, who happend to start a band in the village where I live, called: `Susan, and the Blue Eyed Boys`. By inviting them, and the special german guest Rainer, who playes the saxophone, I had my Music Meeting all arranged!

Because it was my hubbie who had the birthday, I had the honour to make the birthday cake. And because it was such a sunny day I decided to make a fresh, light and fruity one! The Watermelon Bithdaycake!

With the cake, and all the food everyone made for the party, the music and the wine....it was just perfect!

Watermelon Cake

  • Whipped cream or Coconut Whipped cream (Paleo Version)
  • 1 Large Watermelon cut in a circle like a cake
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Almonds (roasted with honey)
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries

Take one whole melon and chop of the cap each end of the watermelon.
Stand the watermelon upright on one of the flat sides. Using a long slender knife cut along the inside of the watermelon just before the rind. Slowly work your way around the circumference ensuring the blade reaches the bottom on each cut. Flip the watermelon over and repeat the cut.

For the coconut cream to work, you must chill it very well before you attempt to whip it to help the cream hold its shape. Coconut cream is sold in cans and it often separates into more solid and more watery components. Using only the most solid part of the cream will give you a stiffer finished whipped cream. I sweetened it with a little bit of powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Pour the coconut cream into a large bowl.
Beat cream until it reaches soft peaks by hand (about 5-6 minutes) or with an electric mixer on medium-low (about 3-5 minutes).
Sift in sugar, using more or less to taste, and beat in. Briefly beat in vanilla extract, if using.

Decorate the Watermelon by striking on the coconut cream on and put the fruit on top.
The almonds I roasted in the ovn with a little honey, so the become nice sweet and crispy.

Next time I think I try to give the cake a almond-date cake base, and make layers... wow this is a cake with possibilities!

the band Merlijn-tractor

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  • rvdwal

    28 juni 2015 at 21:19

    Happy birthday Hans! Sounds like a great party, wish I could have joined you!

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