My favorite Tool



I was wondering, when I took my favorite kitchen tool out of the drawer, for the third time that day, what I really love about this tool?

Besides that the name is so funny, spatula in english and slikkepott in norwegian..., is it also a tool that takes the last drop of something delicious out of the jar! I have good memories of this tool. My mommy used to give it to me after she was finishend making the cream for a birthday cake. Ofcourse there was always a little left on the spatula. So I licked it like an icecream :-)

I forgotten a bit about this tool when I grew up. I had better things to do, life wasn't about spatula's anymore, and I stopped eating cream, because I had to watch my weight.

It was not until I began cooking with a blender and a foodprocessor, that I re-discovered my favorite tool again! Now I grab the tool everytime I made something delicious again, to get the last drop out of my blender. I have it in my hands several times a day and it is going to stay with me for the rest of my life.

But now my question is: what is your favorite kitchen tool?

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