foto's oranje tent


Today is the first day of my vacation. Yesterday me and my collegues closed the restaurant for three whole weeks. We ate all the food and drank all the wine that would have gone to waste otherwise.  There was music, there was dancing and cheering, there was the occasional person standing on a chair waving arms. At one point, suddenly there were some fantastic costumes and headdresses spontaniously being made out of tinfoil and clingfilm, in which the dancing continued... You get the picture.

Today it rains. Hard. Many many millimeters of water keep pouring out of the skye. ‘Not the best start to a vacation’  I thought this morning. But later today,  walking the dog in the woods with a big umbrella and my wellies, I just realised how much this shitty dutch weather makes me think of the many wet campingtrips my parents used to take us on as kids. And how great they were.

My parents loved camping and I was still a tiny baby when I first slept in a tent. It was a big  orange and blue bungalow tent that was our second home in the summer. If it stormed, we all had to climb and hang on to the tentpoles to keep it from flying away. We always camped somewhere in Holland so rain and thunderstorms where about to happen. We wore wellies and epic seventies tracksuits (I'm the yellow) and played outside in the muddy woods all day, catching bugs, building huts and eating blackberries from the bushes. But on days like today, if it rained just too hard, we would stay in the tent and be bored. Only my dad went outside every hour or so, to check on the tent and dig ditches to keep the water from getting in.

I’m quite sure we must have been pretty umbearable to my parents, being three kids cooped up in the tent all day, but I remember those rainy days almost as the most cosy and happy ones. Being all together, in our own little bubble of orange canvas, drinking hot chocolate and playing games and reading books for hours.

So, instead of sunny blue skies, this crazy weather might kickstart me into an even fuzzier and happier holiday feeling! I just phoned a friend if she’s up for a game of scrabble. All we need now is some hot chocolate. Or maybe a big orange tent.

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